HP 'Throw' Hold throwing Ultrabook

Not only just a regular ultrabook, Hewlett-Packard (HP) introduced a resilient ultrabook. To prove it, the product that was dropped from a height of 50 cm. Brakk ..!

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For the businessman would want to work anywhere quickly and practically. Seeing that desire, HP launched
its ultrabook that can accommodate such needs to have a robust device that is claimed to be used anywhere and in any condition.

That offered Folio HP EliteBook 9470m. Powered by Intel Core processors are stored in her body as thin as 19 mm and weighs less than 1.63 kg, with a 14-inch products is expected to attract established businesses.

Premium grade features such as 4G wireless WAN, Display port and USB 3.0 has also been embedded in this product berbanderol USD 2300. But what is quite remarkable is, durability Folio HP EliteBook 9470m.

To prove his strength, Subin Joseph as President Director of Printing and Personal Systems Groups HP, this ultrabook dropped from a height of 50 cm. As a result, the product was scratched seamless.

"HP EliteBook 9470m Folio is the first ultrabook passes of 8 military standard specifications for durability," claims Joseph, at the JW Marroit Hotel, Tuesday (23/10/2012).

In addition HP also offers accessories to support business productivity, the HP Docking Stations and HP Advanced Docking Stations that have been integrated with the upgrade bay to add storage capacity as well as the port to charge the battery. Besides docking accessories also allows the addition of up to two external displays.

HP EliteBook also complement this with a layered security features that assist clients in data protection, protection devices, as well as user identification. Meanwhile, to protect the hardware from the threat of viruses or other attacks, HP offers the HP BIOS Protection

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