Orange HD Voice Launches World's First Among States

The world's leading telecommunications company, Orange, has just announced the availability of the world's first HD Voice conducted in two different countries. The country is the consumer that is in Romania and Moldova.
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HD voice service from Orange is actually not the first time. Provider is already providing HD voice services
to 14 European countries and Africa, namely Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, France, Spain, Britain, Egypt, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Romania, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Uganda and Jordan. However, these services can only be performed in a single country.

Measures taken by Orange is also quite interesting. Especially for HD Voice calls, customers must use a specially designed device. Not only that, both customers must have the support of the new service.

Orange Executive VP, Paul-Francois Fournier says that the service is mobile HD voice will provide a high level of satisfaction for Orange customers. He also said that the pace of Orange to provide HD voice services across the country is the company's commitment to providing the best service to its customers.

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