Samsung Reportedly Make Quad Core Android Mobile Named Offers Samsung Baffin

Mobile phone with quad-core processors at this time is a luxury mobile phones aimed at the rich thick. And Qualcomm processor which is the largest mobile manufacturer in the world is trying to create a quad-core processor with low price.
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However, it appears that Qualcomm step will be preceded by Samsung. South Korean manufacturer is
reportedly working on a quad-core phones are sold to the middle to lower. Quad-core phone, codenamed the Samsung Baffin is the model number SHV-E270.

In rumors, this phone will use a quad-core processor homemade Samsung itself. The exact processor is a 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 is also equipped with a Mali 400 GPU.

In terms of the screen, this phone will come with a resolution as on most mobile phones mid low, ie 480 x 800 pixels. Although berbanderol cheap, this phone will be equipped with LTE connectivity and Android OS Jelly Bean.

Unfortunately, this phone likely will not be found in the market homeland. Samsung party will only provide quality cheap phone for the South Korean market.

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