When Facebook Fails, Zuckerberg Join Microsoft

It took a long struggle for Mark Zuckerberg to raise Facebook. If the first social networking project fails, Zuckerberg wants to join so Microsoft employees.
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Yes, that's what Zuckerberg said in a conference about technology start-ups at Stanford University recently.
He tells the story of building bagimana Facebook. He had hesitated Facebook will be successful and will probably work on Microsoft's.

"I'm probably going to take a job there as a technician, I have a great respect for the Microsoft. Many Harvard graduates who work there," he said as quoted from dailymail WTC, Monday (22/10/2012).

At Harvard, Zuckerberg majored in psychology and computer science. He is passionate doing computer programming. Maybe for fun and busy with Facebook, he ultimately did not complete college.

"People have thought that I would drop out of school long before I finally did it," he said.

"Facebook is growing quickly, but it took a year for us to get a million users," added the man who has married this.

For the technology startup entrepreneurs, Zuckerberg also gave advice. That in order to have an original idea.

"Many companies I saw had a small problem. Companies are now trying to imitate initiated by the other party and will not succeed," he concluded.

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