Woooow! Twitter More Attractive Than Sex

One cause of the cold relationship between husband and wife it can come from many things. Even social networking sites can be blamed for causing less passionate relationship beds.
Twitter, Twitter vs sex, Facebook, twitter sex, Twitter Attractive Than Sex

According to research by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Facebook, Twitter and other social media more attractive to couples than cigarettes or even sex though.

Conclusions based on the results of a survey of the subject in the age range 18 to 85 years. They were given a BlackBerry device and asked to let researchers know of any activities every 30 minutes.

Twitter, Twitter vs sex, Facebook, twitter sex, Twitter Attractive Than Sex
They were also asked to document other activities, such as smoking, drinking, sleeping, and how strong the desire to have sex.

The researchers say that most of the correspondence is more difficult to resist the temptation to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media rather than face other temptations, such as sexual intercourse.

"The desire to stop playing social media may be relatively difficult to turn it down, due to high demand and does not cost much to get involved in these activities, even if others want to fight," said Wilhelm Hofmann, lead author of the study, as reported by the LA Times.

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