Launch of BlackBerry 10 mobile phone is still long. Research in Motion (RIM) plans to release new products in early 2013. However, the leaked BlackBerry 10 has begun circulating on the internet.

After yesterday's home screen appears and the video of BB L Series with a full touchscreen display, now appears similar to phone a different look. Quoted from PhoneArena, this image is the first image that appears before a pre-commercial version.
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Earlier, news emerged that RIM will launch two types of mobile BB 10 in early 2013. The first mobile phone was a BB L Series offers a full touchscreen display with HD resolution. While the second is BB N Series
mobile phones equipped with QWERTY keyboard.

In addition, RIM is also rumored to be using a quality hardware for mobile products that say will save RIM from bankruptcy. One way is to use a dual core processor from Qualcomm Krait.

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