What is Android? Excess HP Android is the operating system that is devoted to mobile devices is not diproritaskan PC, history android open source adalaha initially known as Linux hinggah in 2003 by Rich Miner, Andy Rubin, Chris White, and Nicks Sears Android Inc. is now headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and companies are trying to develop a mobile operating system that is more sophisticated than the mobile operating system at that time and in early August 2005 Google mngajukan offer to acquire the company since the year 2005, Android Inc.

Google Inc under the auspices of the well that's my little review of the What is Android? the history of Android and what it is now after Andoid now we will further discuss the advantages of android phone which I've discussed previously on the mobile operating system
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What is Android? Excess HP Android

What is Android? Excess HP Android following review lenkapnya yuk's look
Android is open source (not free ^ - ^) but free to use, all applications made for android mobile phone is not
free, depending on the manufacturer.
Android phone for easy access at designated internet especially social networking, so if my friend just wanted to use the phone for just calling and sms will become mubassir.
Still related to the second point, mobile androind currently directed to social networking and surfing, so clever pandailah choose the provider that has cheap internet package. So android without internet connection becomes useless.
Due to the current android phones are multi application, then you semesti jelly set to save battery power battery android phone
Additionally, android use touchscreen navigation. So at least you have to get used to this.
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These features Android hinggah look different from ordinary mobile
Application Framework to support replacement of components and reusable.
Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices
Integrated browser based on the open source WebKit engine
Graphics are optimized and supported by a 2D graphics library, 3D graphics based on OpenGL ES 1.0 specification hardware acceleration optional)
SQLite for data storage
Media Support that supports audio, video, and picture (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF
GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)
Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and WiFi (hardware dependent)
Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer hardware dependent
Development environments are full and rich, including a device emulator, tools for debugging, profiling and memory performance, and a plugin for the Eclipse IDE

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