The existence of Type C of USB port seems to disturb the existence of Thunderbolt ports that developed by Intel. Moreover, Apple has officially launched its newest MacBook product that uses USB port Type C. And inevitably, Intel began to adjust to the existing conditions.

This adjustment does not mean Intel will no longer continue the development of Thunderbolt port. But the third-generation of Thunderbolt port, they will provide support for USB port Type C. In this way, devices with Thunderbolt 3 will not require additional adapters when connected with USB Type C.

Thunderbolt 3,USB port Type C

In addition to providing support for the USB port Type C, the latest Thunderbolt will also provide high-speed data transfer. Intel revealed that a Thunderbolt cable will be able to transfer data at speeds up to 40Gbps. At the same time, this port also continue to provide power supply.
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