Nokia Lumia 710 comes with a simple minimalist design that matches the price. Smartphone is wrapped with a plastic shell without touching metal. But behind its simplicity, Lumia 710 has an excellent ergonomic value. With a screen size of 3.7 inches, the Lumia 710 has a comfortable grip width, especially with the sweet curve in each corner. There is no one that is difficult to achieve when the button is operated with one hand.

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Nokia Lumia 710

Lumia 710 Microsoft adopted the standard rules for the Windows Phone. That is, there are a pair of volume buttons, the screen lock / power, two-step shutter button, and the Back, Home, and Search. Physical buttons may be savings, but it has its own advantages.

This feature is useful especially for mobile gamers, because they do not have to worry about touching the buttons that can interfere with the game.

In order to still look fresh, Nokia also gives the option to users to personalize by providing a back cover in a variety of colors. Not just any battery cover, the back cover Lumia 710 also extends the physical side of this smartphone, including the volume keys and camera, thus providing personalized dual tone color balance.

Nokia Lumia 710 Performance deserve a thumbs up. Thanks to Microsoft's strict rules about the use of the system components, you do not need to worry that this smartphone will provide the performance mediocre.

Nokia Lumia 710 comes with a single-core Qualcomm processor speed 1.4 GHz with 512 MB of memory and running Windows Phone version 7.5 or familiarly called by the name of Mango. Although Lumia 710 specs on paper look ordinary, but herein lies the distinctive Windows Phone that is set up in such a way by Microsoft.
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Experience using the core Windows Phone will not be much different between the brand and price, just in terms of quality hardware like the size / type of screen, camera, and other physical construction that will differentiate.

Fast response combined with animation, such as news updates / application icon Live Tile is very interesting, would make you believe that the Lumia 710 uses regular single core processor. To test the efficiency of this device, some sections of the article is written directly to the Lumia 710 using Microsoft Office Word Mobile, while listening to streaming radio and chat with Facebook / MSN chat integrated.

All functions are normal, which introduced multitasking in Windows Phone 7.5 running perfectly and animated transitions keep amazing applications.

There is one Lumia advantages when compared to a smartphone based on Windows Phone other brands, the availability of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, which is only available and can be used on the Nokia Lumia.

Similar to the Nokia Maps application integrated map Maps or Windows Phone. But Nokia adds information popular destinations such as entertainment venues, restaurants, transportation, lodging, and attractions that are very easy to use.

Nokia Lumia 710 is a unique smartphone. They cost a little under $ 3 million is also quite reasonable, especially considering the performance of the processor is the same as the Lumia 800, which is more expensive. For those looking to experience a different smartphone platform or simply want to taste Windows Phone, Lumia 710 deserves to be your primary candidate.

+ Fast and responsive performance
+ Display quality is above average for its class
+ Equipped with Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive
+ Good social media integration
+ Metro UI is neat and functional
+ Prices are pretty competitive

- The 5MP camera is quite average with a subtle noise when darkness
- Quality of the shell material is not privileged
- Windows Phone is still not as mature as Android or iOS

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