Asus already announced that they will not resume production of his Asus Eee PC. They argue that consumers prefer a tablet than a netbook. But this is disputed by Acer.
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Through the Chairman and CEOnya, JT Wang said that Acer will continue to resume production netbook. "They (netbook) has not been exhausted. How could they die? "He said in an interview with the Wall Street
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Netbook sales levels from period to period is steadily declining. According to IDC data, the level of netbook sales in the United States experienced a constant decline from 2.3 million units in Q1 2010 to 800 thousand units in Q4 2011. While in South America and Europe, Middle East and Africa, netbook sales rate increased slightly. But overall, the level of sales of netbooks in the world experienced a negative trend.

Some electronics manufacturers besides Asus has also announced to discontinue sales of netbooks. Toshiba announced that they were no longer selling netbooks in the United States. Dell did the same. While Lenovo reported to have removed all of his 10-inch netbook sales list via their online site.

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