A disconcerting report came at the launch of the SamsungGalaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphone in the country of China. Dreadful report revealed that Samsung uses fans paid to enliven the launch of the smartphone. In fact, according to the  Watch China Times report, 500 people out of a total of 1000 visitors who arrive at the launch event are fans paid.

In the report is rumored that the paid fans have the age less than 30 epidemic and looks like a student. The fans of the fee was reportedly even gained a fee of 30 RMB or the equivalent of 60 thousand rupiah. In addition, recruiters also received a fee of 20 RMB (40 thousand rupiah) per person who successfully brought.

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In addition, there are approximately 20 to 30 people were referred to as fans of paid professionals. The fans have even reportedly paid professionals must first submit original identity at the time of registration. Even Samsung employees were directly involved in the recruitment of fans of this professional mercenary.

Payment received by fans of professional fee even this higher than other payday fans. Moreover, they also need to confirm arrival before first. And for as long as 15 minutes at the launch of the Galaxy S6, the fans paid professionals have earned a fee of 50 RMB, or the equivalent of IDR 100 thousand.

The news is not as exciting as this is not the first time override Samsung. Some time ago, they had also been suspected of similar practices. Plus, the current popularity of smartphones Samsung began to decline.

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