Phree, Sophisticated Stylus Pen, When operating a tablet, the presence of the stylus pen can help to make it more precise. But the ability of a stylus pen is now on the market is quite limited. It, too, is now covered by a smart stylus pen named Phree which allows users to use the stylus anywhere.

The stylus pen can be used in various types of surfaces. Both in the glass, in hand, walls and others. Even this tool does not require additional devices to be connected to the notebook or tablet. In this tool already embedded laser features that enable connected to other devices.

Phree,Sophisticated Stylus Pen,Stylus Pen,Phree pen

Not only that, Phree also has the ability  not only as input devices for electronic devices such as PCs and tablets. This Phree can also function as handset and thus can be used to pick up phone calls. Moreover Phree also has a touch screen that can display incoming messages on the phone. If it still feels less, sophisticated pen can also be used as a biometric security device with using handwritten!

But the pen is certainly yet present to the market, because it is still in the stage of raising funds in Kickstarter. In a short time, Phree even this has been successfully meeting the target fund of $100.000. So, get ready to acquire the advanced pen this in the coming months.

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